Tuesday, June 20, 2017

License Plate for Earning Time-and-a-Half?

If your contractor shows up with this license plate, you might want to negotiate the price in full ahead of time.
New Jersey License Plate


Okay, this seems like a good time to review the economics of the hourly wage, as explained by "The Pajama Game's" original Broadway cast. Imagine you work in a pajama factory and you're looking for an increase in your hourly compensation:
"Seven-and-a-Half Cents" 
By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Janis Paige as Babe Williams
Stanley Prager as Prez
"The Pajama Game" Original Broadway Cast 1954

Readers of this blog may find the 1954 production art to be familiar. It's by Peter Arno.
Peter Arno
"The Pajama Game" 1954 souvenir program

Note:  Why should I have all the fun? Send in your photos of great license plates. I'll pay you twice what I was paying last week.

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