Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ronald Searle: Lemon Hart Rum Acrobats

Lemon Hart and Son today calls itself the first official purveyor of rum to the British Royal Navy; presumably the Navy had earlier unofficial rum purveyors as well. Lamb's Navy Rum is a global blend created by 22-year-old Alfred Lamb in 1849. Lemon Hart Rum and Lamb's Navy Rum were the subjects of an extensive advertising campaign by Ronald Searle between 1951 and 1962. Mr. Lamb is depicted as a rotund older gentleman and Mr. Lemon Hart is the elongated man about town. Slogans for the campaign were "Have a good rum for your money" and occasionally, "Two in harmony." A poster depicting the two as acrobats, with Mr. Lamb improbably balanced above, was offered on eBay in 2015 for $1,100. Although it was available for months with the Make Offer option, the eventual buyer took no chances and grabbed it outright at full price.

Ronald Searle, poster for Lamb's Navy Rum and Lemon Hart Rum

Ronald Searle
eBay Listing as of July 13, 2015
Ronald Searle
eBay Listing Ended September 27, 2015

Note:  Be amazed by the scope of Ronald Searle's eleven-year Lemon Hart Rum ad campaign here on the Ronald Searle Tribute blog.

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