Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Pointer from Garrett Price

A drawing by Garrett Price shows up on eBay cheaply-framed and without any matting. Two hunters approach a dog pointing to his rear. This appears to be a cartoon missing its caption. An eBay seller clearly has no idea what it is but is able to identify the breed as a Brittany spaniel. The seller adds helpfully, "This does not look like a print at all." That's always good to know. It is listed for $49.95 but eventually sells for just $37.46.

It turns out that's a very nice price—for the buyer—because this piece is an original cartoon from the New Yorker. Published in 1955, the missing caption is "I've always allowed him to do it his own way."

Garrett Price
eBay Listing Ended January 8, 2017

Garrett Price
eBay Item Description

"I've always allowed him to do it his own way."
Garrett Price, original art, The New Yorker, November 12, 1955, page 54

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