Friday, October 14, 2016

Alice in Wonderland Signed by Ralph Steadman, Part 2

A copy of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland with Ralph Steadman's outstanding1967 illustrations is signed and inscribed by the artist. It is also dated 2 July 1980, the numbers of which have been transformed into on extremely minimalist drawing. The book is being offered on eBay for $650, a price which may or may not have ingested the wrong end of a mushroom.

Ralph Steadman, Alice in Wonderland (1973) by Lewis Carroll

Inscribed "Just a Signature/from[?]/Ralph Steadman/2-7-80," the date transformed into a cartoon face

eBay Listing as of October 4, 2016

Note:  Alice fans take note! "A Retrospective:  Ralph Steadman" is now showing at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan where it will remain through October 22 only. See it before it disappears like the Cheshire Cat.

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