Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Plague and the Moonflower Signed by Ralph Steadman

Plague and the Moonflower is an oratorio commissioned in 1989 from Richard Harvey to a libretto by Ralph Steadman. The first recording was made in 1999 with actor Ben Kingsley narrating and John Williams on guitar. A personalized copy of the CD recently offered on eBay is elaborately inscribed and decorated by Mr. Steadman in orange ink.

The 1999 CD recording of Richard Harvey's oratorio Plague and the Moonflower (1989)

Inscribed "8 June 99/For Margaret/for a long stay. Love Ralph Steadman" with a drawing of a face

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1. Prologue

2. Intrada

3. River Stories

4. Deserts of the Nile

5. A Child's Carol

6. Demon Dance

7. Plague Lives!

8. Ancient Lands

9. The Master Builders

10. The Plague and the Moonflower, Title Movement (Part 1)

10. The Plague and the Moonflower, Title Movement (Part 2)

11. Chorale and Epilogue

12. Finale—Rejouissance!

Note:  I haven't heard this CD, but I was intrigued enough to hunt down all the separate movements on YouTube. If anyone would care to lend me a signed copy of the CD, I'll be happy to give it a hearing.

Did I mention that Ralph Steadman is first and foremost an illustrator? "A Retrospective: Ralph Steadman" is currently on view in New York at the Society of Illustrators.

I'm always looking for books—or CDs for that matter—that have been signed, sketched in, besplotched, or otherwise decorated by Ralph Steadman. Why not send me a snapshot of what you have. Those of you who remember CDs will know what a snapshot is.

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