Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Sigmund Freud Postcard Signed by Ralph Steadman

A promotional postcard for Ralph Steadman's Sigmund Freud (1979) boldly inscribed and signed with a black marker by the artist a month after publication now has made its way to eBay. Offered at 70 GBP, the seller notes, "I have priced the items to sell, however if you wish to make an offer please keep it 'real.'" This raises the question of just what the "real" value of a a fairly scarce item like this is. It's a nice enough postcard with two lovely illustrations from Steadman's book. While Steadman obviously lavished time and effort on these superb illustrations, the inscription itself is somewhat perfunctory. One way to determine the "real" value would be to let the market decide it. Start the bidding on eBay at, say, one pound sterling and see where the bidding goes over the course of a week. One could infer, though, that this method may be a trifle too "real" for the eBay seller.

Promotional postcard for Sigmund Freud, 1979, inscribed "For Paul/From Ralph Steadman/6-11-79."

Ralph Steadman, Sigmund Freud cover illustration, 1979

eBay Listing as of October 18, 2016
eBay Item Description

Note:  Ralph Steadman's retrospective—let's call it "A Retrospective:  Ralph Steadman"—is in its final days at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan. Go see it and take your analyst along.

Got anything awesome to share on this blog? Original artwork, scribblings, correspondence, inscriptions, or musings by Ralph Steadman of enduring value—defined here as at least seventy GBP—are welcome here.

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