Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Entries in the Moment Cartoon Caption Contest for March/April 2016

The Moment Cartoon Caption Contest allows multiple entries, so I submitted a total of four for the March/April 2016 contest. The drawing is by Benjamin Schwartz. Moment magazine is a journal of Jewish culture and thought.

"Now they all have to leave Anatevka."
"I couldn't find one read by the author."
"The story is great but the commentary is endless."
"Don't tell them at the yeshiva, but I'm really listening to 'Hamilton.'"

I wish I had rewritten that third one because I thought it had potential. But I made it to the finalist round anyway:
Moment Cartoon Caption Contest Finalists for March/April 2016

Ooh, there's very stiff competition this go-round. Anyhow, by way of explanation, a yeshiva is a Jewish religious school and the number 613 is the number of commandments in the Torah. What, you thought it was only ten?

I'm delighted to be a finalist, but there's even better news. My caption has won the January/February 2016 Contest, This then is my fifth outright win in this contest. To recap the statistics:  Of the seventeen closed Moment caption contests I've now entered, my caption has made it to finalist status in fourteen. Meanwhile, of the thirteen completed contests in which I have been a finalist I have now won five. This means when I am one of the three finalists, I have a winning percentage of about 38%, a new high. It also means I have now fulfilled the Mankoff Prophecy and surpassed it—by one.

July 30, 2016 Update: Winning Caption
Moment Cartoon Caption Contest Winning Caption for March/April 2016

Note:  I regularly enter cartoon caption contests, especially for the New Yorker and Moment. Worse yet, I put it all out in the blogosphere where anyone can see it.

Would you like to know more about Dr. Benjamin Schwartz? Page him.

I've already voted for my favorite caption in the March/April contest. Every time I vote, I get the same error:

Now you too can vote. See what error you get. The deadline for voting is June 20. While you're at it, why not brush up on your Genesis and enter the May/June contest yourself? Put me in my place and wipe that smug expression off my face.


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