Wednesday, June 22, 2016

George Booth: Dog Power

An original gag panel by George Booth offered at auction by Russ Cochran in 2008 is identified as a piece published in the New Yorker but no date is given. It depicts a New York City 20-Dog Bus, that is, a bus that runs on the power of twenty dogs. It sold for $330.

Russ Cochran's Comic Art Auction, October 14, 2008, Lot 13

The energy crisis of the 1970s presented the world with the prospect of disruptive oil shortages. George Booth was one of the few visionaries willing to propose alternative energy sources:
Keeping Going
George Booth, The New Yorker, May 26, 1975, pages 34-35
So now we can identify this drawing's first publication.
New York City Twenty-dog bus
George Booth, Original art
Keeping Going
The New Yorker,
 May 26, 1975, pages 34-35

New York City Twenty-dog bus
George Booth, Keeping Going
The New Yorker, May 26, 1975, pages 34-35

The published piece Keeping Going also helps us identify a piece of original Booth artwork currently offered on eBay:

eBay Listing Copied June 22, 2016

eBay Item Description

This is clearly an example of preliminary New Yorker artwork.
Preliminary art to 1975 Whippet-eight
George Booth, Keeping Going
The New Yorker,
 May 26, 1975, pages 34-35
1975 Whippet-eight
Keeping Going
George Booth, The New Yorker, May 26, 1975, pages 34-35

July 17, 2016 Update:  The price of the rough offered on eBay has been reduced to $220 or best offer. It was originally listed, I believe, at $300.

August 24, 2016 Update; Sold!

Note:  George Booth turns 90 on Tuesday. If you should run into him, don't forget to wish him a happy birthday.

This blog is home to more pieces about the art of George Booth. It also features both original New Yorker cartoon art and preliminary New Yorker cartoon art, Mush!

Chris Wheeler's Cartoon(ist) Galleries has an outstanding section on George Booth. You may even recognize some of the original art there.

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