Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jean-Jacques Sempé's Cellist: More from a Blogger's Birthday Wish List

Each year on this date I traditionally feature some unattainable work of illustration art that I fancifully declare to be on my birthday wish list. Usually it's an illustration of a woman jumping out of a cake, a drawing by Ronald Searle, or—on one fine occasion—both. This year I'm abandoning the scantily-clad young ladies bursting forth from sugary birthday confections and instead indulging my more introspective side. My new wish list item is a delightful little drawing of a cellist by the sublime Jean-Jacques Sempé. In contrast to previous wish list selections, this item is currently available for purchase on eBay to anyone willing to overpay for the privilege of getting me a really neat present.

eBay Listing Copied February 17, 2016

eBay Item Description

Jean-Jacques Sempé

Note:  My previous wish list selections are still available for viewing, but good luck trying to find the originals.

The archives also have more work by the very gifted Jean-Jacques Sempé, a cartoonist with a most poetic sensibility.


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