Monday, February 1, 2016

Arthur Getz: Country Road in a Snowbound Landscape

Arthur Getz created the beautiful cover for the February 27, 1965 issue of the New Yorker almost by accident. In 1972, he described the development of this cover in The North Light Collection. It's fascinating to learn that it is only the upper part of the cover that was drawn from life, and that it originally illustrated the inside of a busy department store display! Of course it really wasn't an accident at all that created this cover; it was the work of an experienced artist who knew when and how to rethink his composition.

Arthur Getz, The New Yorker, February 27, 1965

From Howard Munce, ed. The North Light Collection, Fletcher Art Services, 1972
Photograph courtesy of Sarah Getz

Howard Munce, ed. The North Light Collection, Fletcher Art Services, 1972

Note:  Thanks once again to Sarah Getz for her invaluable help.

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