Monday, February 15, 2016

Barney Tobey's Dog Lineup

A pencil rough by cartoonist Barney Tobey has the feel of an inside joke rather than of a New Yorker cartoon. Perhaps it is a private commission. There is an attorney today named Ruth Pollack, but the name could belong to someone else.

"Which one of you dogs bit Ruth Pollack?"
Barney Tobey, pencil rough

Kamelot Auction House, June 18, 2016
November 9, 2016 Update:  This piece is now being offered on eBay with an opening bid price equal to the 2015 hammer price at Kamelot Auction House before the 28% buyer's premium was added. Thus the seller appears willing to take a possible loss.
"Which one of you dogs bit Ruth Pollack?"
Barney Tobey, pencil rough

eBay Listing as of November 9, 2016

eBay Item Description

November 20, 2016 Update:  Sold, again for $50!

eBay Bid History
A lone bidder placed two bids to help assure a win.
Image added February 5, 2017

Note:  Visit the blog archives for more posts on the art of  Barney Tobey.


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