Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Diffee Doodle

My Diffee Doodle just arrived! The first 1,500 people to sign up for Matthew Diffee's newsletter were offered a free drawing. This is No. 748, which means it's just about halfway through the projected series. The drawing depicts the elongated standing figure of a man seen head-on, wearing a suit but no tie, arms folded behind his back, with a balding balloon of a head. He looks somewhat tired. The figure is placed slightly to the left of the drawing, and it is signed on the lower right. Like all Diffee Doodles, it is unique.

As a compulsive doodler myself, I can assure you that Diffee Doodles are not doodles at all—they're full-fledged compositions created with a lot of thought and deliberation. Hence the relatively slow production of these is no surprise. These are no slapdash assembly-line creations, but individually crafted works of art. Somewhat puzzling is the fact that my Diffee Doodle was created on August 12, approximately five months prior to its arrival in my mailbox. Of course, Mr. Diffee became a first-time Dad in September and that may have slowed down the fulfillment process just a bit.

At any rate, this project is an extremely generous giveaway, and coming from a New Yorker cartoonist it is certainly one for the record books. Those who sign up now for Mr. Diffee's newsletter should still be able to get a free print of a Diffee Doodle, not a bad deal either.

Matthew Diffee, Diffee Doodle No. 748

Diffee Doodle No. 748, verso

Official Diffee Doodle Certificate of Authenticity

Proper Care and Handling. Now you know.

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Note:  More posts about Matthew Diffee are in the blog archives. It's what I do instead of giving away doodles.

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