Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Belly Flop: Donald Trump Signs the New Yorker

Donald J. Trump entered the Presidential race in July and the event was commemorated on the cover of the New Yorker with "Belly Flop" by Barry Blitt. The "pool" of candidates includes Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie, The magazine cover makes it clear that Mr. Trump's candidacy is expected to be disruptive, but no one at the time would have predicted the degree to which this candidate would come to dominate the polls—and the headlines. A copy of the issue was signed by the Donald at a campaign event last week in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The candidate apparently was not deterred by his unflattering depiction. The collectible issue is available right now on eBay.

Barry Blitt, "Belly Flop," The New Yorker, July 27, 2015 signed by Donald Trump

Donald Trump's signature

eBay Listing Copied January 18, 2016

eBay Item Description

The unsigned cover:
Barry Blitt, "Belly Flop," The New Yorker, July 27, 2015

And from the same eBay seller at the same price:
Mark Fredrickson, Mad #537, February 2016, signed by Donald Trump

Donald Trump's signature

The unsigned, undefaced cover:
Mark Fredrickson, Mad #537, February 2016

January 26, 2016 Update:  Sold!

Note:  The blog archives contain some more posts with signed magazines.


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