Saturday, January 16, 2016

Achtung, Baby! Mel Brooks Signs the New Yorker

Barry Blitt's cover of the New Yorker for May 7, 2001 suggests that not all audience members were delighted when Mel Brooks brought a musical version of "The Producers" to Broadway. This cover recalls the scene in the 1968 film when Franz Liebkind (played by Kenneth Mars) in the audience objects to how his script is being performed and the audience thinks he is part of the show. John Lahr's review of the show was featured in this issue and the magazine cover is signed by Mel Brooks himself. This copy was sold on eBay for a ridiculously low price. "Heil You-Know-Who!"

"Achtung, baby!"
John Lahr on Mel Brooks and "The Producers"

Barry Blitt, The New Yorker, May 7, 2001
Signed by Mel Brooks

EBay Listing Ended May 31, 2015

The buyer left a second bid as insurance, but it wasn't needed.

Barry Blitt, The New Yorker, May 7, 2001
Signed by Mel Brooks

"Heil Myself/Springtime for Hitler"
Gary Beach and Company
Original Broadway Cast recording session of "The Producers"

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