Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old Mill: Arthur Getz Original New Yorker Cover Art

An original cover illustration by Arthur Getz for the New Yorker was sold over the summer at Garth's Auctions in Delaware, Ohio. The artwork had been purchased by Mary L. Haynes of Ohio through the New Yorker at the time of original publication. Mr. Getz wrote to her, "I hope that you will get pleasure from the picture."

Arthur Getz, Original art, The New Yorker, September 1, 1980

Arthur Getz's signature


Catalogue from Hammer Galleries

ALS from Arthur Getz

eBay Listing Ended July 25, 2015

eBay Item Description

eBay Bid History from a live auction at Garth's
Five bids, but all from the same bidder. The bidding here is against the house and it ends once the reserve is met.

Arthur Getz, Original art, The New Yorker, September 1, 1980
[End of  eBay listing]

Arthur Getz, The New Yorker, September 1, 1980
A preliminary version:
Arthur Getz, Preliminary art, The New Yorker, September 1, 1980
Image courtesy of Sarah Getz

Note:  Thanks to Sarah Getz for her assistance in the preparation this post. You can learn more about Arthur Kimmig—not Kimmel—Getz at getzart.com.

If you know where this old mill turned antique and book shop is located, please drop us a line.

A few years ago on eBay another preliminary version of this New Yorker cover was sold. Does anyone have a picture of it?

Want to see more? It just so happens that I have some gorgeous earlier blog posts in the archives about Arthur Getz, the New Yorker's most prolific cover illustrator.

There are also many more examples here of original New Yorker cover art as well as preliminary New Yorker cover art. Now just how many blogs do you think can say that?


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