Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Yorker Christmas Cards: Ho! Ho! Vs. Ho-Hum

Three times over the the past two months, two complete sets of 1982 New Yorker cartoonist Christmas cards were offered for sale on eBay. The cards are the work of thirteen of the magazine's artists. All are in color and all are quite charming, but they didn't  attract any bids even when the opening bid price was reduced to a ridiculously low amount.

New Yorker card assortment

Cards by Warren Miller, Ed Fisher, and Lee Lorenz

Cards by Mischa Richter, James Stevenson, Dana Fradon, and R. O. Blechman

Cards by Mick Stevens, Jack Ziegler, Frank Modell, and Mischa Richter

Cards by Jack Ziegler, Dana Fradon, Frank Modell, and Lee Lorenz

Cards by Gahan Wilson, Dana Fradon, and James Stevenson

Cards by Mischa Richter, Mick Stevens, Robert Weber, and Dana Fradon

Cards by R. O. Blechman and Charles Saxon

One set of New Yorker cards is still boxed
Card designs of R. O. Blechman, Dana Fradon, Ed Fisher, and Lee Lorenz
Card designs of Warren Miller, Mischa Richter, Frank Modell, Charles Saxon, and Mick Stevens

Card designs by James Stevenson, Robert Weber, Gahan Wilson, and Jack Ziegler
"Christmas cards. Ho! Ho! vs. ho-hum."

eBay Listing Ended October 9, 2015
The starting bid was subsequently reduced, but not the shipping cost:
eBay Listing Ended November 1, 2015

eBay Item Description

Note:  The blog archives have more posts about Christmas cards.

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