Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Gift from Joseph Farris

Here in the northeast we've seen absolutely no snow yet this season. In fact it has been unseasonably warm with temperatures in my neck of the woods reaching into the 70's on Christmas Eve! Globally, we just experienced the warmest November on record and 2015 is soon going to be declared the warmest year on record. In the short term, our current spell of warm winter weather is a result of El Niño, but this is likely exacerbated by the long-term global warming trend.

Land & Ocean Temperature Percentiles Nov. 2015

A Christmas cartoon by Joseph Farris was published by Penthouse in the December 1979 issue. It reminds us that snowfall generally has been a part of this season and there always has to be someone to clean it up.

"And this is for you, Timothy. Go outside and play with it on the sidewalks and then the driveway."
Joseph Farris, Penthouse, December 1979, page 212

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