Saturday, December 5, 2015

Galloping Round with Ronald Searle

A seldom-seen 1959 Christmas card designed by Ronald Searle has found its way onto eBay just in time for our holiday inspiration. The card is signed and was kept by the recipient for all these years, no doubt because of the amusing sequence of drawings. Searle, of course, draws horses like nobody's business, but note too how skillfully he handles the extreme close-up view of the horse inside the card. Also note the deft alterations in facial expression of both horse and rider that occur between the cover and the inside of the card. Just who is in charge here?

eBay Listing Copied December 4, 2015

eBay Item Description
December 19, 2015 Update:  Sold!

eBay Bid History
The first bidder places two bids on December 9 which reveal the second bidder's maximum bid but don't surpass it. Then the first bidder places a higher bid three minutes before the auction's close.

Note:  The Ronald Searle Tribute blog's extensive collection of Searle Christmas cards is well worth a look as the holidays approach. At this writing, the "Galloping Round" Christmas card is not on the site, but that surely will be remedied soon.

A handful of Christmas cards by various artists are featured on this blog as well.

Then there's my own unworthy offering of blog posts about Ronald Searle...


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