Monday, December 7, 2015

Edward Gorey: Christmas in the Eggplant Hills

Christmas in the Eggplant Hills is a 1989 Christmas card designed by Edward Gorey. Three rabbits dressed in plaid decorate a spooky scarecrow and an anthropomorphic root vegetable with Christmas tree ornaments. Any questions?

An example of this card signed by Mr. Gorey was sold last week on eBay for $53. The seller correctly points out that an unsigned card is currently available (on Amazon) for $275.

Edward Gorey, Christmas in the Eggplant Hills, 1989

eBay Listing Ended December 4, 2015

eBay Item Description

eBay Bid History
At this price level bidding was weak, with three bids (aside from a cancelled bid) raising the price by just $3.

Edward Gorey, Christmas in the Eggplant Hills, 1989
Available for $275 (unsigned) on

Note:  For more on Edward Gorey's limited edition Christmas cards, check out Irwin Terry's  authoritative Goreyana blog.

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Is that thing a parsnip? Whatever the case, this blog still has more to say about Edward Gorey.


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