Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #493

Here is my entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #493 for October 12, 2015. The drawing is by Farley Katz.
"Who prefers freestyle?"

These captions wouldn't fly:
"Not another blockbuster exhibition!"
"No way the art market is going to crash."
"I'm just saying we could be more graceful."

"Their technique stinks but their form is inspiring."
"I think the pain medicine is working."

"Let's join them in 'Ring Around the Rosie.'"
"We may have taken safety too far."
"Whose idea was landing on the museum?"
"When did this become clothing-optional?"

October 19, 2015 Update:  The Finalists

November 2, 2015 Update: Winning Caption

Note:  Last week Liam Francis Walsh took us on a fishing expedition. My caption was all wet. See the sporting outcome of Contest #492.

This is the first appearance of Farley Katz on the blog.



  1. I've noticed they sometimes like sayings or expressions with a little twist to fit the cartoon: "It's more of a science than an art."

  2. I know the odds are against me anyway, but does it matter that I did not put quotation marks around my caption?