Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Environmentally-Aware Gahan Wilson

Cartoonist Gahan Wilson has noticed that things are getting warmer around here. Two examples of his original cartoon art were recently sold on eBay.

Gahan Wilson, "I'd say it's a bizarre but entirely logical reaction to the greenhouse effect."

Gahan Wilson, "First global warming and now this!"

EBay Listing Ended July 12, 2015

EBay Item Description

EBay Bid History
One last-minute bid

EBay Listing Ended July 5, 2015

EBay Bid History
The winning bid was placed in the last three seconds.

Note:  Gahan Wilson's work appears here from time to time, often around Halloween.

See more examples of original cartoon art, much of it saved from obscurity by this blog.

Were these drawings ever published? Probably not, I'd guess. If you know the answer for sure, drop me a line.


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