Monday, October 12, 2015

An Unmet Goal

In January I very rashly set a few ambitious goals for this blog. I wrote that by Columbus Day, today, I would increase my Google+ views from five million to ten million. Piece of cake, right?

One problem with this goal is that I have no idea what a Google+ view is. Is it someone seeing a post of mine on Google+? Is it a page view of this blog? Is it a view of any photo I have on the blog in any social medium where it appears? Is it watching a YouTube video? Maybe it's all of these. Maybe it's something else. At any rate, my views are now at 6,400,000 and my goal is therefore very much unmet.

Google+ is an interesting social medium. I spend very little time on the site, mostly to try to promote this blog. I get very little feedback and have very few followers. For example, over this same time period my Google+ followers have increased from 50 to 61, while my Twitter followers have increased from 1071 to 2848. The interactions are more satisfying on Twitter as well. I should note that neither site sends very many readers to the blog. For that, Google's search engine remains my main referral source.

My Google+ Stats as of January 16, 2015

My Google+ Stats as of October 10, 2015

So what should my revised goal be? I now have a better sense of how fast these views accumulate on Google+. With that in mind, I'm gong to give myself an extra year to reach those 10,000,000 views. To make it interesting, I'll also add a goal for reaching 100 Google+ followers by Columbus Day 2016. Anything's possible.

Here's the current status of my other goals:

Goal:  One million page views of the blog by Bloomsday 2016.

Status:  It would now require over 1400 daily page views for me to reach this goal. In all likelihood that is not going to happen. Instead, I should be able to exceed 750,000 page views by the deadline.

Goal:  Five-thousand Twitter followers by New Year's Day 2016.

Status:  I'm on track to reach only 3500.

Goal:  To have Siri write my blog posts for me.

Status:  She's stubborn.

Goal:  To win the Moment Cartoon Caption Contest four times.

Status:  I have won it three times and I am currently a finalist. So this one is within reach.

Goal:  To become a finalist in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.

Status:  Nada.

Goal:  To have Attempted Bloggery cited in print.

Status:  Who would cite a blog in print?

Goal:  To interview Thomas Pynchon.

Status:  You've got to be kidding.

Note:  These goals were originally set in Blog Post No. 1400. What was I thinking?

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