Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Charles Addams Book Promotions

EBay paper seller 237 is currently offering a number of original promotions for Charles Addams's books. These volumes, mostly cartoon collections, are all terrific and are well worth hunting down. As you can see, even the vintage ads look great.
Monster Rally, 1950
Image added August 25, 2015

Homebodies, 1954

Nightcrawlers, 1957
Dear Dead Days, 1959

Black Maria, 1960

Black Maria, 1960

Drawn and Quartered, 1962

The Groaning Board, 1964

The Chas Addams Mother Goose, 1967 

The World of Charles Addams was published three years after the cartoonist's death in 1988. This ad comes from another eBay seller.
The World of Charles Addams, 1991

Note:  If you like these ads, my other posts about Charles Addams are sure to delight you.


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