Thursday, August 13, 2015

Charles Addams Sits for Bachrach

It must have been around 1983 when celebrated cartoonist Charles Addams sat for a studio portrait at Bachrach. One photograph from the session was used to publicize the studio's work in a black-and-white New Yorker advertisement that appeared in the first issue of 1984. Today a color photograph from this sitting appears in one of Bachrach's online Celebrity Galleries.  Addams is photographed with a piece of artwork depicting his popular Addams Family. On the Bachrach website, the thumbnail of his studio portrait is located between those of Nelson Rockefeller and Julius Erving.

Bachrach, Charles Addams, Cartoonist
The New Yorker, January 2, 1984, page 59

Bachrach, Charles Addams, Cartoonist

The artwork from the photo:
Charles Addams, Chartered Bus
Image added August 15, 2015

Both the artwork and the Bachrach photo were used on the cover of The World of Charles Addams:
The World of Charles Addams, 1991
Image added August 16, 2015

Bachrach Famous Faces
Celebrity Gallery 3
Image added December 29, 2015

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