Monday, April 20, 2015

Stepping into the Ocean with Lee Lorenz

An early example of original cartoon art by Lee Lorenz was offered on eBay in 2013. The eBay seller thought it was a New Yorker cartoon, but then, sellers will be sellers. The price was reduced from $875 to $675 and then $499 without attracting a bid. Whether or not it was ever published anywhere, it's a buoyant example of Mr. Lorenz's cartoon art.

Lee Lorenz, Original cartoon art

Lee Lorenz, First two panels of original cartoon art

Lee Lorenz, Second two panels of original cartoon art

Lee Lorenz's signature

Address stamp on back. A published New Yorker cartoon would have other notations.

EBay Listing Ended October 7, 2013

EBay Item Description
Prices from earlier listings:
EBay Listing Ended May 12, 2013

From EBay Listing Ended June 8, 2013
Lee Lorenz, Original cartoon art
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