Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ed Arno's Cover Mock-Up for The Magic Fish

This Mock-Up for the front and back covers to Ed Arno's The Magic Fish (1967) was offered for sale on eBay in 2013. It is called original cover artwork in the eBay listing, and as far as the fish is concerned that might be true. The But It Now price was lowered from $50 to $30 between June and August when the item was withdrawn as no longer available.

EBay Listing June 2013

EBay Item Description

Item No Longer Available

Ed Arno, The Magic Fish (1967) by Freya Littledale
Ed Arno, Back Sleeve, The Magic Fish, retold by Freya Littledale, 1972, Scholastic Records

April 20, 2015 Update: This reply on Twitter has been deleted. Why?

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