Sunday, April 19, 2015

MoCCA Fest 2015: Chelsea Lately

I haven't spent a lot of time in Chelsea lately, but I went last Sunday to attend MoCCA Fest 2015 in its new venue. At just $5 a head, it's hard to find much fault with this. Most of the independent comics meant little to me, but I was delighted to attend a panel on Saul Steinberg. It was about a two-block walk from the venue to the hotel hosting the panel discussion.
The "Saul Steinberg 101" panel (left to right):  Austin English, Richard McGuire, Joel Smith of the Morgan Library, Françoise Mouly of the New Yorker, and moderator Patterson Sims of the Saul Steinberg Foundation
Seen on the street:
"Know Thy Selfie"

"Not Art"
What a relief!

Parking under the High Line. I've never been up there.

An independent bookstore with some good advice.

Also not art

Note:  Check out my posts on previous MoCCA Fests.


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