Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Runner-Up iPhone Case

When I sat down to select my new iPhone case, I had to choose between one with a gorgeous 1974 New Yorker cover by George Booth and one with a brilliant New Yorker cartoon by Charles Barsotti. The Barsotti case bears a truly great cartoon and I would really love to have it on my cell phone cover. Ultimately though, I never wanted a case with a horizontal design, but I came very close to breaking my rule this time around.

The cartoon was originally published in the New Yorker of December 9, 2002.
Charles Barsotti, "Well, I think you're wonderful."
The New Yorker, 
December 9, 2002, page 95

Charles Barsotti, "Well, I think you're wonderful."
The New Yorker,
December 9, 2002, page 95

Note:  Now the tough choice is yours. Do you click on the link for my blog posts about George Booth or about Charles Barsotti?


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