Thursday, March 12, 2015

Saul Steinberg's Mural of Cincinnati

Saul Steinberg's Mural of Cincinnati was created in New York in 1947 and installed in the Skyline Dining Room of the Terrace Plaza Hotel the following year. The mural was removed in 1965 when the hotel was sold. It was donated to the Cincinnati Art Museum. A period linen postcard shows the mural as it appeared in situ. These postcards remain available on eBay and elsewhere from time to time.

Postcard of the Skyline Dining Room with the Steinberg Mural of Cincinnati
Terrace Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio

Back of a different example of the postcard

Recent eBay sales of this postcard:

A view from the other side of the Skyline Dining Room shows scant details of the mural:
The Skyline Dining Room

I have collected a few photographs of sections of the Mural of Cincinnati from various internet sources. As you can see, the mural is in color. The long, curving line represents the Ohio River. Here two ventilator grills can be seen in the mural. 
Saul Steinberg, Mural of Cincinnati

Note that the ventilator hole in the mural to the left of the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge here has been patched.
Saul Steinberg, Mural of Cincinnati, detail of the mural

Mural of Cincinnati. These two panels follow the detail above further to the right
Photograph by Saul Steinberg

These Cincinnati landmarks may be spotted in the mural:
The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, 1866
Cincennati, Ohio

The Tyler Davidson Fountain, 1871
Cincinnati, Ohio

Note:  Many thanks to David from Manhattan for educating me on Steinberg and inspiring this post and others.

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Saul Steinberg also designed a mural for the American Pavilion at the 1958 Brussells World's Fair.

But where on earth is Syd Hoff's Café Society mural?


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