Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't Talk to Strange Bears: The Funny/Serious World of Ed Koren

The Brown Alumni Monthly published a cover story on Edward Koren in April of 1969. The artist, then 33, worked as an art instructor at Brown, a contributor to the New Yorker and other publications, a printmaker, and a children's book author. This is a xerox copy of the article. The author is uncredited.

"Next I want to sing a song about the House Rules Committee and how the legislative
functions of Congress are tyrannized over by its procedural calendar, dominated in turn
by an all-powerful chairman hamstringing the processes of democracy." 

"Don't Talk to Strange Bears:  The Funny/Serious World of Ed Koren," Brown Alumni Monthly, April 1969, Vol. 69, No. 7

Note:  Edward Koren is one of most distinctive comic artists around. Naturally, he appears on this blog.


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