Monday, January 26, 2015

The Backward Goofy Watch

I remember seeing a Backward Goofy wristwatch--that uniquely appropriate design in which both the numbers and the hands run counterclockwise--back in the 1970's. At the time, I was told by a Disneyana dealer that it had been discontinued because of parental complaints. Imagine that! Now I see what is described as a later 1990's edition and I'm relieved that it made an unlikely comeback despite its threat to the time-telling skills of a new generation. I have always delighted in the inventiveness of this watch, although it certainly would drive many crazy to wear it. Surely such an unconventional novelty--even as a mere conversation piece--is worth the $20 it fetched at auction last week at Howard Lowery, let alone the $42.95 for which it originally sold. It might even become a useful timepiece by the simple addition of a pocket mirror to one's handbag.

Note:  You can see a few more Disney watches on the blog here.


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