Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ed Arno on the Price of Women's Swimsuits

Sometimes less is more, as explained in this cartoon by Ed Arno. After some eight months on eBay, it sold in 2013 for a Buy It Now price of $20.

Ed Arno, Original cartoon art

EBay Listing Ended May 16, 2013

Ed Arno, Original cartoon art

Note:  This just in. I have more here on the art of the prolific Ed Arno.

Would you like to see more original cartoon art? Got it covered.



  1. I have about 1500 originals by Ed Arno, many showing edited captions and redrawn lines. The should go to a museum. Where might one even begin to look for a buyer? If I were to sell all these at once the market would crater and they would sell for even less than this pitiful rusult. This seems to be a disservice to Arno and his wonderful work. Suggestions?

    1. It's a tough situation. Your drawings have value--cultural, artistic, humorous--that we can appreciate but that doesn't translate to much monetary value in today's market. Selling them is a challenge.

      "They should go to a museum." That's not a bad idea. Museums and libraries with cartoon collections would understand the importance of these drawings. A donation might possibly confer tax advantages. Is that an option for you?

      Fifteen hundred originals! I don't suppose you'd want to share any scans on this blog...

  2. Dear JMofGuads: I am the curator for the comics archives at Columbia University. We are always interested in NYC-area cartoonists--New Yorker cartoonists, especially. Unfortunately, we do not have a budget to purchase the collection--but, if you considered donating, you would get a substantial tax deduction based on the cartoons' worth.

    We're not a museum, but we do have exhibitions of archival materials, and we preserve them and make them accessible to the global community of scholars. We're particularly interested in process work, so those edited captions and redrawn lines are intriguing!

    If you'd like to discuss this further, let me know, and we can continue offline.