Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Patrick McDonnell's Mutts Stationery

I just love to quote eBay sellers! "The letter has been flat for more than ten years" stated the matter-of-fact seller when this note from Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell was first offered for sale late in 2013, as if that would undo the mailing folds in the paper. The letter is undated but rest assured "this is from early in his career." Really? The scan clearly shows that the printed stationery bears a 2007 copyright! Not all that much sleuthing is required. Still, sellers believe what they want to believe. All may be forgiven, though, when we see the original quick sketches the artist has added to this printed sheet. They're charming, even if they're not relics from early in Patrick McDonnell's career!

An undated letter (2007 or later) from Patrick McDonnell to Megan and Julia
Mutts stationery with additional sketches

An undated letter (2007 or later) from Patrick McDonnell to Megan and Julia on Mutts stationery with additional sketches

Note:  There's more work by Patrick McDonnell here on the blog, all no doubt great rarities from early in his career and then some.


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