Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eugène Grasset: October

Happy October! Has three-quarters of this year gone by already?

Eugène Grasset's Les Douze Mois de 1889 is an art nouveau calendar published in Paris. It presents the twelve months in book format. The days of the month in list form are separated by week, with the corresponding Saints day alongside them. The calendar is decorated with fruits and flowers as well as signs of the zodiac, although here Scorpio doesn't begin until the 23rd of October. The inclusion of the astrological signs along with the Saints days is a pretty strong hint that a primary function of this calendar is decoration.

This copy of the calendar will be auctioned today at Swann Galleries in New York.

Eugène Grasset, Octobre
Les Douze Mois de 1889,

Swann Galleries, Art, Press & Illustrated Books, Sale 2358, Lot 141, October 1, 2014


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