Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thurber's Passport

James Thurber, the celebrated American author and cartoonist, is shown here in a 1955 passport photo at age 60. Thurber lost an eye in a boyhood accident in which his brother shot him with an arrow. His wife Helen describes his condition in this document with the words "left eye missing." At this point, he was virtually blind and no longer able to draw. Even his familiar signature is barely recognizable.

With this passport, James Thurber travelled to the Netherlands, France, and England. The question is, did he ever leave Thurber Country?

James Thurber's 1955 U.S. Passport

Note:  There is more on this great man of letters here.

See a passport that once belonged to Groucho Marx here.  Now, does anyone have a real passport that belonged to Saul Steinberg? That might be interesting....


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