Friday, December 6, 2013

Groucho's Passport

Well, you never know what will turn up next on eBay. In this case it's Groucho Marx's 1939 passport. It is issued to Julius H. Marx who may be accompanied by his wife Ruth. This passport is issued just around the time the movie "At the Circus" is released. The Marx Brothers are a bit past their prime now although Groucho is sharp as ever. He is 48 years old. The couple has been married for 19 years and will be divorced in another three.

The passport is not signed on page three where indicated but is signed on the photograph. Information on the inside front cover has not been completed. There are no visa or customs stamps, at least in the photo. The question, then, is was this passport ever used?

What is clear is that this interesting piece of Hollywood memorabilia will have a new owner when the auction closes in some four days from now. A single bid of $1,250 has already been received.

Passport of Julius H. "Groucho" Marx, shown with wife Ruth

Passport of Julius H. "Groucho" Marx

Passport of Julius H. "Groucho" Marx, shown with wife Ruth

Passport of Julius H. "Groucho" Marx, shown with wife Ruth

Marx Family 1933 Home Movie

December 11, 2013 Update:  Sold!

Note:  I am indebted to Steve Stoliar, author of Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House, for pointing out this auction to me. You can check out his website here. He has already made a significant contribution to this blog, sharing his personal library of three Dr. Seuss books, two inscribed with green eggs  and one with ham! Read all about it here, then reward him for his noble service to this blog and buy his book.

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