Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Al Ross: A Well-Meaning Shpritz

The U.S. Army's Post Exchange or PX is the setting for this original cartoon by Al Ross which appears to be of World War II vintage. The seltzer gag is lost on me, but who can resist a good well-meaning shpritz?

Al Ross, "Funny part of it is, she means well!"

Note:  So what is magazine B anyway? Anyone with information on the publication history of this obscure cartoon by a major cartoonist should get in touch.

Al Ross? Wasn't he just in a blog post of mine? Here?

Some of Al Ross's New Yorker work is in the Cartoon Bank here. But where's the rest of it?

Al Ross passed away in 2012, but he's still making news on Ink Spill here.

An Al Ross memorial on Mike Lynch Cartoons is here.


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