Friday, December 13, 2013

George Herriman: A Sweet and Hotsy-Totsy Xmas

I don't know all that much about cartoonist Gus Mager (1878-1956), creator of the comic strips "Knocko the Monk," "Sherlocko the Monk," and "Hawkshaw the Detective," but anyone who could get himself on George Herriman's Christmas mailing list must have been all right. Here Herriman has drawn himself in a domestic kitchen scene with his wife Mabel who is baking cookies. Their two dogs are quite enchanting, one attentively eying the cookies and the other captivated by a household critter.

George Herriman, letter to Gus Mager with drawings, December 1943
"Hey 'Guggie'/Look, a 'flock of lebe kookens' and listen!!!
'Dumkopf'--they're made by an [']expert'--
so sink your silly teeth in them, and treat your-
self to a sweet and hotsy-totsy Xmas!!!
Ole Man Herriman
P.S.  Now don't be stingy, and give at least one to the Hop Toad & Bobby"

Illustration House, June 25, 2011

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