Monday, October 21, 2013

Gahan Wilson's Police Headquarters

Offered for sale on eBay is Gahan Wilson's gruesome take on capital punishment. The artist demonstrates how the death penalty might be regarded as a deterrent to crime. This original artwork was originally published in Playboy.

Gahan Wilson, "I was all for bringing back the death penalty, but this is going kind of far!"
Original artwork for Playboy.

Note:  Can anyone identify the issue of Playboy in which this cartoon was published? This blog is actually teeming with such difficult questions regarding publication history. You can see them all here. Please help if you can.

I have at this point accumulated a goodly number of blog posts regarding Gahan Wilson which may be seen here.

The artist's New Yorker work may be enjoyed, licensed, and purchased in the Cartoon Bank here.

The documentary "Gahan Wilson:  Born Dead, Still Weird" by Steven-Charles Jaffe has a website here. The film was shown recently in New York City and soon will be screened in Beverly Hills, California from November 22 to 28.

Interested listeners shouldn't miss Gahan Wilson's 2009 radio interview on the Leonard Lopate Show here.

For news updates about Gahan Wilson, follow Ink Spill here.

There are a couple of great Gahan Wilson illustrations on The Pictorial Arts blog here.


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