Friday, October 18, 2013

Gahan Wilson: The Right Place

In many ways, this is Gahan Wilson's moment. Not that long ago, he celebrated fifty years as the most macabre of the Playboy cartoonists with the publication of a lavish three-volume book. A documentary about him just completed a successful short run in New York and will soon be screened in California. One hopes it will be more widely distributed after that.

It is then somewhat flabbergasting to see original artwork of his go begging on eBay, in color yet. There are, of course, no real characters to speak of here. The gag perhaps isn't the most representative of the artist. One could, I suppose, argue that a desirable Wilson drawing should have tentacles, or a corpse, or even both. But this drawing is, it seems to me, reasonably priced and it is an original piece by one of today's most recognizable cartoonists. Plus pink is such a great color.

Note:  You can find more of my posts about the singular Gahan Wilson here.

His New Yorker work may be enjoyed in the Cartoon Bank here.

The documentary "Gahan Wilson:  Born Dead, Still Weird" by Steven-Charles Jaffe has its website here. The film will be shown in Beverly Hills from November 22 to 28, 2013.

In the meantime, Gahan Wilson's 2009 radio interview on the Leonard Lopate Show is here.

For news about Gahan Wilson, be sure to check out Ink Spill here.

Yes, there are some Gahan Wilson illustrations on The Pictorial Arts blog here well worth looking into.

The government shutdown is over, but sequestration is still in effect and no one in Washington has been humbled sufficiently. This is certainly no way to run a great country. My comments here are getting a bit stale but they are still all I plan to say on the subject.


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