Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park

Nick Park is surely one of the very few reigning geniuses of stop-motion animation. He graciously donated a drawing of his superb Wallace and Gromit to the "Searle in America" benefit auction, and it sold quite well yesterday. Still it's a bargain compared with what these souvenir drawings fetch at high-powered auction houses like Christie's. But first things first. Here's the drawing from the benefit auction on eBay:

Nick Park, Wallace & Gromit

Sure, that's a lot of money, but it is dwarfed by activity on the London auction block. Each of the following sales results is from Christie's South Kensington:

Nick Park, Wallace & Gromit

Nick Park, Wallace & Gromit

Nick Park, Wallace & Gromit

For those who dearly love Wallace and Gromit but are a little overwhelmed by these auction prices, there is one relatively inexpensive, quick sketch still available on eBay. It's a signed drawing of just Gromit from a page in an autograph album. As you can see, it must be quite a challenge to remove these pages without tearing them.

Nick Park, Gromit

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Wallace & Gromit:
20 Questions with Nick Park

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  1. Wow- crazy prices back home! I have a drawing in a sketchbook by Nick from my student days and I approached him at an animation festival. Must dig that out . . .