Monday, August 12, 2013

Signed and Inscribed by George Booth

A classic 1984 cartoon collection by George Booth with an original signature and inscription sold for a very reasonable price on eBay. One can easily find unsigned copies of Omnibooth selling for more--much more. Allow me to demonstrate:

George Booth, Omnibooth, 1984

George Booth Signature and Inscription

George Booth, Omnibooth, Cartoon

George Booth, Signed Copy of Omnibooth, eBay Listing Ended June 30, 2013

George Booth, Signed Copy of Omnibooth, eBay Item Description, Listing Ended June 30, 2013

Finally, from Summit Read in Summit, New Jersey, we have an unsigned "new" copy selling for more than eleven times the price of the signed and inscribed copy on eBay. I personally have no plans to do any book shopping at this store.
George Booth, Omnibooth, 1984, Front Cover

December 22, 2013 Update:  The unsigned Summit Read copy of Omnibooth in new condition is no longer available through Abe Books. Presumably it has been sold.

Note: Today Ink Spill reports that the latest entry in Richard Gehr's Know Your New Yorker Cartoonists column is about George Booth. You can read "George Booth:  Semper Fi" at The Comics Journal here.

Then if you'd care for some of my earlier posts on the extraordinary George Booth, simply look here.


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