Friday, August 16, 2013

Bookplate Signed by Roz Chast

Authors can't always make it to far-flung bookshops for signings. To help meet demand in this situation, many popular writers resort to the bookplate. The author signs a number of bookplates and has them sent off to wherever the books are to be sold. The idea is that a bookstore employee affixes a bookplate with an original autograph to each book.

There's something impersonal about this practice. The author's signature ends up in the book without the author ever actually handling the book. Books are objects of beauty and weight, a pleasure to hold. Slips of paper are not really an equivalent. Still, for a book lover, it's better to have a treasured book with a signature in it than to have one without.

Roz Chast, Theories of Everything, 2006

Roz Chast signed Bloomsbury bookplate

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