Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Dream of Siri

I spend a lot of time composing these blog posts, of course, but I believe I am now ready for some new technology to come into its own. Here's how I foresee myself embracing the latest blogging software in the not-too-distant future:

"'Evening, Siri."

     "Good evening, Doc."

"What do I have on my schedule?"

     "You have a benefit tonight for the eradication of hunger, disease, and poverty."

"All three, eh? But not ignorance? Anyway, it sounds as if it's a very good cause. But I am a bit sluggish this evening. Instead, I think I'll simply stay home and work on tomorrow's blog post with you. Any ideas for it, Siri?"

     "Here is a list of today's top news stories. Would you like me to turn it into a concise but powerful blog post for you?"

"Your help would be appreciated, as always. But I was thinking we might do something a little, well, lighter for tomorrow. You know, use a humorous illustration or drawing, something like that."

     "Do you have any original content, Doc?"

"Siri, by now you should know better than to ask me that. Let's just find something amusing on eBay. Then you can fluff it up a bit with some choice writing."

     "Doc, I have 26,451 humorous drawings on eBay."

"Any really funny ones?"

     "OK, I have a very funny one. There's this man and a woman and a cat."

"Great! Now compose something insightful or clever and we're done."

     "Very good, Doc. I'll post it tomorrow on the blog."

"Not too wordy now."

     "Of course not."

"Just a touch of sarcasm would be all right."

     "As you wish."

"Good. Phew! That was a lot of work, Siri. Now, have you come up with anything for the Cartoon Caption Contest this week?"

     "I'm still working on that one, Doc."


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