Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #391

Here is my entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #391 for August 12, 2013. The cartoon is by Frank Cotham. The caption is mine.

"You're late."

A few other ideas of mine that I did not submit, although I like them all:
"So, Dear, was Casual Friday what I said or what you said?"
"I told you to carry the keys in your briefcase."
"Brooks Brothers says your new wardrobe will be in next week."
"Not so fast. The dog needs walking."
"Oh, nothing special. And how was your day?"

August 26, 2013 Update:  The Finalists

September 9, 2013 Update:  Winning Caption

Note:  So what did the tuba player say to the couple in the restaurant? You can see my previous entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest here. In fact four months' worth of my unsuccessful entries have been scrupulously documented herein if you'd care to keep clicking back. You get to see the winners too!



  1. Your entry was excellent. (Walking the dog was better.) Winning seems to be a random event (at least it was for me). Like Roger Ebert, I tried nearly every week for a very long time before one got selected. I thought most of my other captions were better, certainly better than the three finalists each week.

    Good luck,
    Brian Thomson
    P.S. Still haven't received any prize yet. So don't get too excited if you win.

  2. Hello, Brian. You may see this winning caption as random, but I see a really funny caption here that absolutely deserved to win. I'm surprised you haven't received your print yet. When you do, I would love to get a photo of it from you to add as an update to this post. Congratulations!

    Finalist Daniel Straus left a comment on the post about Contest #398, but you are the very first contest winner to find your way over here and comment. Don't get too excited if I win? Seriously, Brian!