Monday, April 1, 2013

From Hegel to Harvey: A Dialectical Materialist Critique of Richie Rich

It is painfully obvious that this blog isn't being used as a resource in the ivy-covered halls of academia. In fact, there isn't a single college course anywhere that regularly assigns readings from here despite Attempted Bloggery's veritable trove of vital information. The result, if no corrective action is taken, will be a nation of college graduates woefully ill-informed on just about all the critical subjects covered herein.

The problem is largely one of language. College professors require a certain degree of academic jargon to reassure themselves that the material at hand has sufficient scholarly merit. Anything written with a folksy lilt or jocular tone is automatically suspect, whatever the content. So please note that today's remaining posts have been carefully provided with serious academic titles so that our dedicated college and university instructors will finally feel comfortable assigning lengthy portions of this blog to the eager young minds they're charged with educating. For example, this post's title should appeal to those many academics with Marxist leanings, prompting them to assign extensive readings from this blog to their students. These students, in turn, will receive a more informative education here than they ever would in the classroom having the workers' paradise continually rammed down their throats. Better they should stay in their dorms reading this blog and Richie Rich.|11


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