Monday, April 1, 2013

Augmented Boobery

Silicone breast augmentation was first introduced in 1962 and within a short time many women chose to have their figures surgically enhanced. Not coincidentally, it also allowed filmmaker Russ Meyer to make a name for himself, directing top-heavy exploitation movies such as "SuperVixens" (1975). Meyer signed this eye-popping film poster with the inscription "Deep Cleavage, Russ Meyer," which pretty much sums up his thinking on the subject.

Movie Poster from Russ Meyer's "SuperVixens" (1975)

I haven't seen this movie, although I did once have to sit through the milder "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" (1965) for my college Mythology class, and this more or less ended any lingering desire I might have had to see Meyer's other movies regardless of the assets featured on the promotional posters. (Here's the Mythology college course angle: the three hostile go-go dancers in "Pussycat" were supposedly the Furies.) The "SuperVixens" trailer looks disturbingly violent and far less welcoming than the film poster itself. In fact, the movie might be all but unwatchable. If you manage to sit through it, you can let me know.

So there you have it. The only Russ Meyer movie I've seen was for a college course. This blog is going to continue to discuss erudite subjects like this one suitable for both undergraduate and even graduate study. Tell all your friends on campus. Let the higher education begin!

"SuperVixens" (1975) Trailer
Directed by Russ Meyer



  1. Quite educational. Thanks for keeping your readers abreast on this fascinating topic.

    1. Oh, no need to thank me, Beth. It's a labor of love!