Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Punch Cartoonists in Space

In 1955, A Century of Punch Cartoons was published. It seems the venerable British humor magazine was publishing color cartoons about space exploration in the 1950's, well before Sputnik. No one knew precisely what space exploration would look like back then, so cartoonists were free to imagine it.

An eBay seller is selling a single page from the book with two color cartoons. They are by George Sprod and Smilby.

George Sprod recognized that space travel would continue to face daunting technical problems. Fortunately, the English seem especially well-equipped to deal with those.
George Sprod, "Ah well, thank goodness we still have our sense of humour." Punch, 1952.

Is it my imagination, or did Smilby's spaceship land upside-down?

Smilby, "You know, this is going to knock the bottom right out of the science-fiction market." Punch, 1954.

Williams, R. E., Ed. A Century of Punch Cartoons. New York:  Simon and Schuster, 1955.

Page from A Century of Punch Cartoons, eBay Item Listing

Page from A Century of Punch Cartoons, eBay Item Description


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