Friday, October 19, 2012

A Ghostly Call

Walt Disney's "Lonesome Ghosts" (1937) is a great-looking classic animated short. This animation drawing of the ghosts racing for the telephone is somewhat weak. Two of the faces are seen from behind and off to the side. The central figure's face has been drawn a second time, as has the ghost's on the right. Given these problems, it's hardly an outstanding drawing, although it does have a nice sense of movement and energy. There are no major Disney characters here, probably contributing to the low sale price.

Sale 13936 - Rock n' Roll and Film Memorabilia including Animation Art, 25 Jun 2006
7601 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles
Lot No: 1015
A Walt Disney drawing from “Lonesome Ghost[s]”
1937, colored pencil on paper, depicting the ghosts running to the phone, matted and framed.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy run a ghost exterminating agency when they receive a call from lonely and bored ghosts to come to their house. Through a series of gags with the ghost, the gang chase the ghosts out.
8 x 11in and 8 x 9 3/4in within mat

Sold for $120 inclusive of Buyer's Premium
Walt Disney Studios, animation drawing from "Lonesome Ghosts" (1937)

Walt Disney's "Lonesome Ghosts" (1937)

August 5, 2013 Update:  In the actual short, the ghosts rush to the phone somewhat differently. Their motion includes floating and swooping rather than simply running.

The ghosts rush to the phone in Walt Disney's "Lonesome Ghosts" (1937), 1:16.
Walt Disney Studios animation drawing from "Lonesome Ghosts" (1937)

Note:  My previous post on "Lonesome Ghosts" can be found here.


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