Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review: Love, Groucho

 Love, Groucho:  Letters from Groucho Marx to His Daughter Miriam
Groucho Marx
Edited by Miriam Marx Allen

This 1992 book collects the letters written by Groucho Marx to his daughter Miriam. Miriam is Groucho's daughter by his first wife Ruth, and the letters, covering the years 1938 to 1967, encompass all three of his marriages. Some of the earlier letters were written when Groucho was traveling and Miriam was at home in Beverly Hills, but the majority date from Miriam's years at Bennington College and her subsequent years in New York City and Topeka, Kansas.

Groucho was fortunate to have his career revitalized by the quiz show "You Bet Your Life" at a time when his brothers' careers were essentially over. His personal life didn't go nearly so well, but it was brightened, it seems, by the birth of his daughter Melinda. Miriam's life too is a mess for much of this book, although that isn't very clear to the reader at first.

Readers of The Groucho Letters know that Groucho wrote very well and very entertainingly. The letters to Miriam are of a more personal nature, and Groucho isn't trying to be funny all the time. Because of this, we get a very intimate look at this superb comedian and, yes, man of letters.



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